Video and photos of racist deviant spies that protect Danish PM: Rasmussen

Video at VidMe and all files at

Danish politicians are corrupted by American banks and Americans are ruling in Denmark. Beside American billionaires, Danish ones also finance political parties (and own media beside it) and therefore Danish politicians participate in colonial politics, to produce profit for American and Danish riches. Consequently, Danish spies and their journalists developed high level of racism in society. There is economic and colonial racism. Both “parts” of racism have the same aim: to produce profit for rich people that finance politicians. Economic racism is developed to get public acceptance/consent about exploitation of immigrants, colonial racism is developed to prevent protests of people against killing in the name of … profit. They must justify criminal international politics, they must convince people they kill some bad guys.
In accordance with that, spies organize their collaborators in society, mostly in public institutions (university, libraries, hospitals, etc) where secret service gives jobs to their snitches, against immigrants. They produce hate between Danes and immigrants. They even create terrorist cases under their control, to arrest more people and make propaganda and demand more money from the budget. Spies make themselves rich (in Canada they offered to homeless 20 000 to put a bomb and then they arrested them for terrorism, they do similar things in Denmark). They set up terrorist cases in Denmark, spies among Muslims are not used to stop terrorism than to create terrorist cases and to arrest people (even 15 years old get set up and arrested).

To realize economic racism, they make propaganda and fear about EU immigrants that are coming to Denmark (Romanians and others), secret service misuse cops and their snitches to target and arrest poor immigrants and to make propaganda against them, to justify exploitation. Considering immigrants serve 50% of sentence, it is clear they don’t want to keep them long in the prison, they deport them and they come back, they arrest them just for the purpose of propaganda and exploitation.

They are true deviant racist spies, the secret service has big network of collaborators and they are misused to develop racism. They created also the fake Oversight of Intelligence, civilian control of secret service. Those people are on the paid list of secret service. People who control police work are fake too. In that way, immigrants and especially Muslims can’t get any protection from discrimination and exploitation and they take the justice in their hands.

Denmark was burned 3 times by Danish people of color (Danish citizens born in immigrant families) and these days again, they burned more than 30 cars in 2 weeks. They grew up in DK and they are discriminated 20 years by white Danes. They use chains to beat white women who re arrogant or fuck them off, they use molotov … and just yesterday Danish citizen who came from Bosnia when he was 4 years old shot 2 cops, later they killed him. Due to discrimination, his choice was to participate in cannabis sale in Christiania and when cops wanted to arrest him, he shot them. Danes are not friends with immigrants and they stay isolated and due to discrimination there is the hate and consequently a criminal way of living and killing. Now cops said he was sympathizer of ISIS, but it is just a proof that he was supposed to be arrested, the cops targeted him because they kissed in the ass secret service racists. The cops kiss in ass rich criminals who work for the secret service, there is no drug on the street without corrupted cops. They arrest young people who don’t pay ops, to check them if they will speak against others, they have a deal with older rich criminals (who will be arrested).

In any case, Danish spies destroyed my private life also, they used criminals against me, they used women to produce hate at me against Danish women, they used their spies to make propaganda against immigrants, they drove cars on me many times, they broke my finger in that way, they poisoned my food, etc. So, after I saw that the Oversight support secret service and their racism (because they are corrupted), I decided to make my revenge.

This is my revenge, when I publish faces of spies (photos and videos), they can’t be spies any more. Prime Minister security are not classic spies, they have different training, they need the time to build a new group of spies.

The next time they do shit to some immigrant they should think twice what they are doing. Spies don’t give a shit if suicide bomber kill ordinary people, they profit from that, they demand more money from the budget, but they care about billionaires and politicians. This one is the PM, it is his job to control what spies are doing and what Oversight members are doing. If he wants totalitarian capitalism, he will let them to do what they want, to impose mass surveillance and to militarize police with the pretext of fighting terrorism, if he wants peaceful society, he will kick out racist deviant lunatics from the secret service. They create racism, discrimination, hate, conflicts and killing. Just I am enough politically educated to understand what is happening and to avoid to attack ordinary people, my aim is to disturb the Prime Minister and billionaires, they are the core of the system. And Danish core is serving American interests, they are corrupted. The CIA monkeys are together with Danish spies in organizing shit against me.